Req Help: DVDfab Express Problem




I have backed up several DVD movies with DVDfab Express and when I play them on my home DVD Player the sound is not reproduced in 5.1 stereo it only sounds like it is “mono”, can anyone help me with this problem? :doh: :confused:


Take care to choose the proper audio track before you start ripping. Some dvds have several audio tracks in the same language. AC-3/6 is 5.1 while AC-3/2 is stereo.


Thanks for the info, but where in DVDfab express or Gold can you select the proper audio? :confused: :doh:


If you copy full disk - nowhere. But then you have exactly the same audio as the original. And beleive me: same is really same.
In main movie mode you just see the audio tracks listed in the window, click on the one you need or if you need more use ctrl click.


Hi Hun

Thanks for that info, I appreciate it. I guess copying the “movie only” is the only option I have if I want to be assured that I get 5.1 surround sound.

Thanks again