Req. for future versions of CloneDVD2

I have been using this program for only a few days but I am already very impressed with it.

I do, however, have a couple of suggestions which I think would improve it greatly, should they be implemented:

  1. Allow non-consecutive chapters to be removed from the same TitleSet.

  2. Change the user interface for the Chapter Trimming function: a checkbox is more intuitive and would be much easier, especially if my first request is fulfilled. The Chapters could be selected or deselected from a tree list under their respective Titles in the right side pane.

  3. Lastly, make “Preserve Menus” the default setting for “Copy DVD Titles”, or allow the user to make it the default.

I hope these requests will be considered.

Thanks again for a great program!

You have made some good suggestions, however I’m curious about this one. I should also add at this point that I have seen a few other people post about this, too. But why would one want to remove non-contiguous chapters from a title? (This is an honest question, as I can’t think of a time when I would have needed this function.)

You can add me to the list of curious people…

Maybe for deleting the beginning and ending credits… otherwise I don’t know why…

Maybe so you can take all the scary bits out of a film!

Hmm, or just the opposite: Only copy the scary parts. Or copy only the parts, where you can see Halle Berry. :wink:

Sure, you may wish to omit certain episodes from TV discs when the episodes are not always in separate Titles…I had this problem recently when I wanted to backup a disc, but I didn’t care about the third episode on a five-episode disc. I would have just kept it on there anyway – but then I’d have to compress the ones I wanted or split them all over two discs. When DVD9 discs become cheaper/more available, this may not be an issue, but there are other cases where greater editing freedom would be nice…

You may wish to keep one or two trailers when there are several, but the ones you want are not together…or for example on adult films, you want to remove the scenes with the ugly girls :bigsmile: heh heh. Or you could even remove “added” footage from “extended” movies so that you are left with the original theatrical release version (for example: the original, REAL Star Wars movies, not the modified junk which George Lucas has chosen to put on DVD).

Plus I just like having freer editing options anyway. The other “CloneDVD” program by DVD X Player (at does have the checkbox editing I mentioned, which allows you to easily remove or keep stuff in any order (no video preview though). However, judging by what I’ve read at other forums, that program is not very good as far as encoding and compatibility are concerned.

Actually this can already be done if you just slide the beginning and end point selectors so that only the main movie (in the middle) is selected.

Anyways I hope my requests make sense now, and I hope they can be made part of the program some day. Still a great program in the meantime…!

Hmm…I thought of this while writing my last post…you can add this to my request list above… :slight_smile:

  1. Allow the user to specify different compression ratios for different selected Titles/Chapters. DVDShrink does this in Re-Author mode (but of course menus are then lost! :a – the fatal flaw of that program!). In situations like I mentioned above with episodic discs, when you may not care much about one or two titles or chapters, you could maybe get away with including them anyway in a single full disc backup by compressing the least wanted episodes/titles/chapters a lot, while compressing the most wanted ones only a little bit (or not at all). This way you’d get really good (or even 100%) quality on the stuff you want, but you wouldn’t have to completely ditch the second-tier choices.

If in CloneDVD you had the ability to change skins it would be cool. IE you could go to preferences>skins and choose from a list - that would be really cool.

Dear Olli:
Can you add a shortcut in CloneDVD2s start menu to show CloneDVD Revision history in next version?(just like CloneCD) Because everytime my friends ask me whats difference between v and v,I will go to elby website to check it :o
By the way,what is “MakeDisc”?I saw this product in elby website for a while…
Thank you

Good idea.

It is supposed to be a simple mastering software which is easy to use and which works, because every other software I tried (Nero & Co.) is either slow and/or bloated and full of bugs or problems. (Nero for example suffers from all of the above. I do not understand, why it can be so successful)
The problem with MakeDisc is, that it has much less features like a “big package” like Nero, so I doubt anybody would pay for it. That’s why it never received the development resources it deserved.

I do not like Nero 6 because it too big :o (only my personal point),so I still use v
Nero can be so suceessful because it always bundles with machine(ex;DVD Burner) and lower price to take the market
I still find a software to DVD data,I hope MakeDisc can be developed and released in the future
Thank you for reply

How about a option like Super DVD Copy 2.2 has in it for CloneDVD2…a Option to Shutdown your pc after the task is completed?? Sometimes I just stick a DVD in to rip/burn and go to bed…would be sweet to have a shutdown option after the job is done.