REQ: Does anyone have a backup of the original 1.05 FW for a BUSLINK 52X24X52?



I need the original firmware it came with (ie. the one still branded as 52X24X52.) I recently flashed it to an AOPEN drive but have an RMA now and need to reflash it to a buslink badge.



I have it and will send it when I can.


Actually, I only have 1.04, not 1.05. I’ll send it though if you can share your email address with me.


I have the Buslink 52X24X52 CDRW and “dvdinfo” tell me it’s a LiteOn 54246s, I used the 54246S firmware and tried to upgrade it. But now the BIOS can not (Neither can any software in windows 2K) recognize the drive.

How can I get it back to work? I used the mtkflash 1.62 and write the 6s0c.bin.

I appreciate any input.

Please send a copy to my mail box if you can kindly provide one.
My E-mail


dvdinfo told you that it was a LTR-52246S? Ummm… dvdinfo is meant to read DVD media information and has some problems identifying drive hardware. I can send you the binary firmware, but I don’t know if you will be able to flash it to recover your drive…

I need your email address.