ReQ: CVT of DW1640 Firmware

I am looking for the CVT of the firmware for the DW1640, I would like to attempt to update my DW1620, I know a lot of people would be interested and I am willing to be the guinea pig :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

A CVT of the original firmware is located here. We are working on the RPC1 patch.

Brother Vlad

Can the 1620 be flashed to the 1640?

No, at least not by simply flashing the .cvt file.

Gee, I hope DMagic got his drive back to working condition…and I certainly hope elfdood hasn’t tried it!

Thanks for all your work TDB´s. :bow:
Much appreciated.

@ ME$$ENGER, I have yet to see a “killed” drive by crossflashing.
If the drive doesn’t respond after been flashed with “wrong” firmware, just flash back with drives “original” firmware .cvt and everything will be okay. :bigsmile:

Any ideas what “more” may be needed…? :smiley:

Okay, done the flashing with the TDB firmware above… :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, after the flash with 1640 firmware (TDB flasher in doze), 1620 drive becomes useless not even responding to eject button…
(Don’t you worry, flashed back to “1620” firmware and everything is working again).

To me it looks like flash memory bank1 gets erased but never flashed with 1640 (boot) data.
[And if we look at size of 1640 (.cvt) firmware compared with a 1620, there is a difference in size so this behaviour is not at all “surprising”…] :smiley:

I have several ideas, but just one drive to kill :slight_smile:

Share one of the ideas with me, then we will have two drives to kill… heh he. :bigsmile:

Right, the boot code is not flashed.

And if we look at size of 1640 (.cvt) firmware compared with a 1620, there is a difference in size so this behaviour is not at all “surprising”…] :D.
That has nothing to do with the file size.

You for sure know that better then me, so I’m not going to argue.
I just counted flash sequence… And If you know “whats missing” then I fell confident. :slight_smile:

I also have two drives and would be interested in helping develop a crossflash, I will be getting a dw1640 when they are available, If you need someone to test “beta” firmware or trying new “ideas” I will be happy to flash my drives :slight_smile:

We’ve sent ala42 a new version of the disassembler, hopefully he can figure out what’s going on. MIPS code just gives us a headache.

Brother Vlad

Yes my drive is fine.

Let me be the one to send you a picture of my dead Benq 800. Don’t even ask what I was trying to do with it. :slight_smile:

If you figure out anything shot me a msg. You know I’ll try anything. :wink:

Do 1640 OEM and 1640 Retail have the same firmware or not? And if not can 1640OEM be flashed into 1640 retail? I just prefer OEM faceplate better… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I prefer to test only things that make sense :).

Are you sure the BenQ1640 uses the same chipset or co processors as BenQ1620, i bet it doesnt.

You’re right that it doesn’t. 1640 uses a new chip from Phillips.

I’m not sure “chipset or co processors” is our main concern right now… :wink:

Interesting, then maybe you can enlighten us more in detail. :smiley:

According to jan70, DW1620 uses Nexperia PNX 7860E while DW1640 uses Nexperia PNX 7860E/G/M1 instead. The naming however suggests that the changes aren’t very significant though. Perhaps there’s yet hope to achieve crossflashing?