REQ: Command Line support for Full Movie



I am very sorry if this has been brought up before, but I have not found anything about Command Line support in the FAQ, or by Searching.

I was wondering if you will implement some kind of Command Line support for Full Movie encodes?

Conceptual Example:
dvd2one111.exe /SOURCE “C:\SOURCE” /DES “C:\DES” /SIZE 4472 /START /CLOSE

My Method of Backup:
I’ve just backed up 2(90 Something Minute) movies on 1 DVD and it looks and sounds great.

Beverly Hills Cop 1
Beverly Hills Cop 2

  1. Make lots and lots and lots of space on your computer

  2. DVD Decryptor Demux Video and Audio with DVD Maestro Chapters File Checked
    (I never bother with subtitles, 90% of the time closed captioning is in the video so I use my TV’s CC if I wish to view them)

  3. DVD Maestro for Authoring and Compiling(Picture menu with DVD Cover’s for Buttons), have an 8 hour blank clip which is able to accept chapters I use to add chapters then replace with the movie

  4. DVD2One to fit my compilation on one DVD