REQ:Can anybody tell me?

Hi people im very new to this discussion forum.
I needed to know the best configuration to b set in Nero 7 for maximum CD reliability n quality :rolleyes: .Thnx in advance. :iagree: Im using LG CD/RW

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The main factor for CD reliability n quality is to buy a good quality media. The best available is Taiyo Yuden, and these media give the best results with almost any burner.

Software used to write a disc have no influence on burning quality. If you use a good media and a good firmware, any burning software give the same results.

Thnx Geno888 :iagree:

also with CDs, just because you CAN write 52x doens’t mean you SHOULD.

most people recommend burning audio around 16x and data around 24x or so.

(note, these speed recommendations do NOT apply to DVDs)

and as geno said, make sure you’re using good quality media and have up to date firmware.

If it’s Audio CDs you want to burn then I’d recommend Burrrn ( as it’s free & much simpler than Nero & nobody raises complaints about it like they do with Nero.

The remarks already made about quality media & burn speed are spot-on.

Verbatim is always a safe bet. Their Pastels are excellent (Taiyo Yuden) but their Super AZO & DataLife Extra Protection might offer better protection against scratching etc.

Thnx everybody for ur help.Im downlodin the app “burrrn”.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: