REQ: 20A1L BL02 Firmware

Seen this firmware floating about in cd-dvd speed screenshots…

Mine I think has this fw

Can you back the firmware up via: and post it somewheres? :>

I have saved my BL02 firmware off a 20A1L. I will email it to someone that can upload it somewhere.

mail it to C0deKing, bet he’s happy to get it :wink:

Mmmm this is taking quite awhile 0_o

I’ve saved it already, no place to host it. You have not enabled email acrufox in your profile, or you need to post your email address.

Don’t want to email C0deKing out of the blue, if he requests it I’ll email it.

Sent you my e-mail via a PM as well as enabled e-mails as well :>

Thanks H3rB3i. :flower:

Bobalude, yes I’d like a copy too please. Thanks. :flower:

you all have email. The lite-on flash utility says this is:

Lite-on DVDRW LH-20A1L BL02 2007/03/23 16:02

I used 2MB, and the checksum of my file I sent out is: 8EDD2BD6

Thanks! Works like a charm (cliiiicheeeeee)

can anyone forward this fw to me aswell

Thanks Bobalude. :flower:

A flasher version is now posted here:

you the man CK. any chance on getting the fb eos version :slight_smile:

He did here.

Man this is like Christmas in May. thanx guys