Reputable site/store for PS2 mod chip?

I’ve considered doing this for awhile but never got around to it. This forum has inspired me to get er’ done now; as the title states which sites/stores are trustworthy and which are the ones I should stay away from? Thanks for the help.

FYI - incase anyone is wondering my PS2 is anywhere between version 1 and 3; not sure what exact version (but it’s old).

Crap I didn’t see that last little bit before I PM’ed you. Afraid you are SOL buddy as virtually no modder will touch a Version 1-3 these days. Your best bet would be to sell it and then purchase a brand new pre-mod from a trusted installer.

Other than that, you better make sure who you are trading with. I probably was just cheated by a Spanish site, they own me some hundred euros. :smiley:

regards, Stephen

Is my only answer to use swap disks, or are those a no go as well?

As your laser is old and so probably weak enough I doubt that it would load any backup correctly for a long time. So the chip is only a thing that defeats copy protection, it has nothing to do with disk readability. If your laser is worn then no matter which way you go the backup cannot be read correctly. With an old machine as yours it is recommended to swap the laser and then go for a chip or a swap disk. (or buy a new machine, $ony will love you :D)

regards, Stephen

This console hasn’t been used hard, as I hardly used it so the laser might still have some life to it but I see your point. I guess my best option is to just unload it and start with a new one.

Don’t bet on that. Those old consoles had the 400B laser (the earliest ones had the 400A which was even worse) Those 400B lasers used to worn out in a very short time, especially when used with burnt media. (in several bad cases these lasers burnt out in DAYS) Sony had to change that type in V5+ and 400C has been the best PS2 laser ever made. Unfortunatelly those lasers costs a fortune these days though they can be installed in any older machine aswell. The best PS2’s have been the V5/V7 and V9/10 with the Romeo or Summ0ne fix. Your new toy if you’re going to buy a slim will be as problematic as the oldest ones, as these also contain such crap lasers anyway.

regards, Stephen

You’re starting to depress me…lol.

I’m a noob to this but I have tweaked my laser a few times to keep it running. Now that the reaper got his hands on my laser, can I install a 400c where I originally had a 400b?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Yes, the 400B can be swapped with the 400C without any problem.

regards, Stephen

Thanks for the quick reply… Where is the best place to purchase a 400c laser? I’ve tweaked my 400b a few times in the past. Now I think its toast. Also, does anyone know if the 400c would come ‘pre-set’ so all I would need to do is install without tweaking?

Thanks again guys!!!

If you buy an ORIGINAL then it’s preset, except the azimuth screw, but that’s easy to add. You do not have to mess with the pots at all. Mark the white cogs and you cannot go wrong. With refurb and 3rd party lasers you have to play a lot to set them to work correctly, though they cost a bit less.

regards, Stephen