Republican National Committee advertises on E-Donkey



I just posted the article Republican National Committee advertises on E-Donkey.

BadReligionPR used our news submit to tell us
he spotted a story over at the Inquirer
that reveals that filesharing software,
when not being whipped sensless in the courts for copyright…

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RNC probably made up a banner ad for Internet distribution. And then left it up to some lowly office worker to go out and buy ad space around the Internet. So this is most likely more the work of some lowly minion who didn’t know what he was doing and that the top brass in the RNC probably didn’t even realize this… I mean, the top RNC brass probably have better things to do with their time than to personally handpick every place their ad will be run.


Like what!!!..see how many pockets they can get their hands in ??..:X


I posted this story through days, if not weeks ago…geez the news is slow around here… :+


Well, straight from the donkey’s mouth: we [your friendly Republicans] now support P2P usage! Hurrah…NOT! Republicans are a bunch of double-standard motherf***kers!:frowning:
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Gristy sez: “Geez the news is slow around here…” I know- we need someone like you and Sherrif to help us out!!! :B ~Crabby Dan@[delete the spam]
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Don’t hold back icepax, just let us all know what’s on your mind… :+


…or seeing how many countries they can piss off… This is funny. As I’m trying this reaction, I’m also staring at one of the ads that’s being run on this page–an ad for Bush’s healthcare litigation reform. What coincidence! (though in this case, I don’t know which side to root for… which is worse? Bush or lawyers? that’s a toughie…)


icepax, why are republicans " a bunch of double standard m…" ? you even have a legit reason ?


I think it shows just what Republicans are willing to do to get your vote. (sellout)


or maybe they just hired a company to place advertisements on the internet and eDonkey is a place that company works with


It can’t be any worse than Rev. Jesse Jackson handing out free cigarettes and turkeys in Florida to the “less priviledged” in the 2000 election. :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t forget the Pregnant Chads!!


u deplorable dummy…


How about “support bush and we won’t bomb your country (p.s. tell any americans you know to do the same)” - think that would be a good one considering the international appeal of P2P!!


How about “support John Kerry” and get blown up by terrorists! GWB has terrorists on the run hiding in caves, John Kerry doesn’t have the guts to fight terrorism!:stuck_out_tongue:


Also we have been approached by one of our advertsing companies to run these ads. Normally when there are no advertisements served the advertising space is filled up with banners of e.g. the Red Cross or other charity organisations. Now they approached us if we had a problem to run these political minded ads on our pages instead. Because we’re European and have no clue what these parties stand for we have decided not to run them. My guess is that E-Donkey also runs ads for an advertising company and the ads you are seeing are their defaults. It could be that the advertising company has done this by mistake or the E-Donkey persons have given their permission. I’m however pretty sure the political party involved has not much to do with it, and it’s surely not a targetted campaign.


Hmm…gives new meaning to the “Donkey show”…


What if one of the candidates make a promise not to get rid of P2P filesharing and whoever is against that, send the U.S. troops. Wouldn’t it be great? Fight for free games and movies!
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Excuse me for involving in American’s buisnes but if Kerry wins the world will be “eaten up” by the terrorist , he is the same kind of politician that like in Spain will follow terrorist orders until they decide they don’t need him anymore, If he wins we all (well may be our children) going to suffer . Bush on the other hand is stupid crazy religious fanatic , he is the kind of person that can save the world from terrorism but what will become of this “saved” world ? - facist state ? So anyway in both cases we are f***ed , and also I believe neither democrats nor republicans for or against copyright laws , there are people in both parties that getting a lot of money from industry to do so . Sorry for being pesimistic but thats they wway things looks to me :frowning:
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