Reprogramming firmware chip

Hi recently bricked my drive,but i have a bin file for the firmware.can i take the chip out and reprogramm it manually? I have a mate who has a programmer,and is the firmware saved on the mediatek chip or one of the smaller ones? thanks

Are you sure you/your friend want to do it when you have to ask this question? :confused: If you consider the drive as dead already, then you can try it without the expectation of reviving it.

You would most likely need the calibration data for the specified drive (typically referred to EEPROM data) and if you didn’t back that up before the bricking exercise, then you will be out of luck.

I don’t thonk that the firmware chip in ODDs is in a socket to remove the flash chip easyly. If the chip is soldered, I’d recommend to dump the drive and get a new one. You need a lot experience to remove a soldered flash chip without damaging the chip with too much heat, and not damaging the soldering pads of the PCB.

I have got the original firmware file, and my mate is used to doing reprogramming of xbox drives, but the mediatek chip is a bit different to the one you got to unsolder for the hitachi,was just wondering if it would work

Which drive do you have ?