Reproduction of Videodisks

Hello. I’m a newbie and have a probably silly question. Is it possible (and legal) to make a CD only copy of the music from a DVD that is copywrighted? I have made copies of my purchased copywrighted CD’s for my own use by loading them into Windows Media Player and burning them to disks or syncing them to my MP3, but I can’t figure out how to load the DVD. I have the DVD of the Eagles Farewell I Tour Live from Melbourne and I would LOVE to have a CD (or even an MP3) of all the songs on that DVD to play on an upcoming road trip. Apparently there is not a music CD for sale (probably so we’ll all buy the DVD) and I would have to buy a lot of CD’s to get all the songs. If it is legal, are there easy ways I could do it or are there websites that sell this service? Thanks for any info. Nancy

There is a commercial program called DVD Audio Ripper which is designed for this particular task. There seems to be a trial available, but I think the built-in restrictions would preclude using the trial for the whole dvd.

Doing this with free tools is possible, but a little involved. You can rip just the audio stream from the dvd using DVDDecrypter in IFO mode. You must click the Stream Processing tab, put a check mark in the Enable Stream Processing, then unclick every video and audio stream that you [B]don’t[/B] want. When you’ve done that, right click on the stream you [B]do [/B]want, and hit Set Selected-Demux.

Now specify a folder on the hard drive where you want the file, then start the decryption process. You will get the audio file, a text file and an IFO file in the folder as output. You can ignore the text and IFO file.

The audio is probably in ac3 format, though it is possible it could be pcm or mp2. To get to wav files, you can use BeSweet + BeLight. You could also convert to mp3 if you prefer.

To select certain sections of the wav files, you need an editing program like Audacity. And you can burn the wav files to cd audio using Burrrn.

All of the tools I’ve mentioned are free to download and use except the first one, which is a commercial product. It is also probably the most convenient.

Thanks so much for the info, Kerry. Now that I know it’s possible, I’ll pursue some of your suggestions. Thanks again. Nancy