Reported max speed?

I´ve got a question which probably has a perfectly simple answer but nevertheless:-)…i´m the happy owner of a LiteOn 40125S. The drive is wonderful, fast, reliable and very all-around, except for reading certain copy-protected audio cd´s. My question is, why for example Nero, Blindwrite and so on, always reporting it to be 32x or slower burner? The same with Nero InfoTool…one answer could be that these programs dont have this burner in their device list, but could it be that simple? And is there a way to get these programs to report the correct recording speed?

Ohhh i forgot to mention, i´m using media capable of the 40x speed so thats not the answer:-)…

I still think that is your problem.

With some programs you need to have media that the writer will write at 40X inserted before starting the program to get the highest speeds shown.

Use Nero CD-Speed to see if the media really will write at 40X :wink:

I´ve tried with a REAL (or should be) certified 40x speed media, the onte that came with the LiteOn package, and happy to say, my burner showed up as a 40X speed burner so you were, as always, 100% correct again:-)…sorry to say, the dealer that sold the other media to me was, if not a cheating son of a b***h, a sales person with zero or very little knowledge about what he was doing:-(

… Probably just a sales person with zero or very little knowledge at this level.

Sales people just can’t help it, they talk faster than the average person and usually do not realize they’re just saying whatever the customer wishes to hear.

Experienced salespeople are worse because they believe so much in what they say that they cannot see the difference anymore, kind of the same as with lawyers and politicians (which are a combination of both, actually…) :wink:

Just an observation from experience…