Reported BSA mail addresses



I just posted the article Reported BSA mail addresses.

We’ve got a report of a reliable source that following e-mail addresses are used by BSA related persons. I’ve left the first character of the e-mail to avoid problems. If you are a dealer and you…

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So guys,

Who’s got an anonymous email server?


You can find the complete e-mail adresses on the Dutch General Chat Forum (without the * )

Anyone interested?



Wat is het adres van dat forum? Geef ff die URL.



If someone really wants to bomb them don’t you think they will try every letter ?
Only takes 26 times. Fisrt send 1 to see if it’s correct.
It think CDfreaks knew this
Thanx guys


Dat klopt niet Dbdesigns dat is helemaal geen BSA maar gewoon iemand die een cd had besteld dat is misverstand ik ken die jongen al 3 jaar clubbyte@planetinternet is gewoon ok !


Dont nuke them…frighten them,spoof your email adres to something like "" or so…that isn’t difficult with the nice mailservers with sendmail


The complete email adresses can be found on:

Have fun