Regards report I posted at the bottom of WRITE PROBLEMS WITH LITE-ON LTR40125S - 29th May 2002

  • logged back onto the other lite-on forum I found on the web and found out report was posted by G@M3FR3@K on Monday 1 April - 20:49 - Source: CD Freaks.

Thought the info was good.

Obviously no good looking at other forums as they have to nick your info. for theirs forums.

Timmy 4


Yeah, they know where to grab the info…
Is there a Lite-On forum that I don’t know?:confused:

btw, G@M3FR3@K is also from CD-Freaks… :wink:

Wasn’t so much a forum but I found the report on a site by cdlabs.
They were reviewing hardware and firmware and this report had been posted (or nicked) from cd freaks.

Timmy 4