Report: SSD market doubles, optical drive shipment rapidly down

We’ve just posted the following news: Report: SSD market doubles, optical drive shipment rapidly down[newsimage][/newsimage]

While the market for SSDs nearly doubled in 2013, the entire storage market was down by 5% last year

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I’m a little surprised that optical drives have this much life left. There are many who say they either have no optical drives at all anymore, or use one so rarely they just keep a usb optical drive on hand.

How often does the general public need an optical drive these days? You might have a few software programs on discs, or an operating system install disc but even in those cases using a download or a usb stick is becoming more common. And I see quite a few inquiries around the net looking for instructions on replacing their ODD with an SSD in laptops.

Ripping media of various kinds is my main use of an ODD, but burning discs for backups is becoming quaint and old fashioned. If it were not for various types of movies, games and music still being delivered by way of optical discs, our optical drives may have disappeared as completely as floppy drives.

You about said it. Average Joe uses his ODD only for installing OS, certain software and games.

But as for the backups and other offline storage go, ODD is still a very viable and about the only method for the Average Joe.

If Joe needs to backup his documents and pictures, then I’d say a few USB sticks are the way to go (let’s say under 100 gigs). But how about if Joe is an avid photographer, records a lot of videos with his 1080p camcorder and records a lot of TV too. We are talking about several terabytes here. Let’s say 5 TB.

Cheapest SSD prices around here are now 70€ / 120GB -> about 3000€
USB sticks are a bit cheaper at 30€/64GB -> about 2400€
Mechanical HDD is NOT a place for backup (internal or external) but the price is around 90€/3TB -> little over 150€ with no RAID.
Not great, but OK BD-R discs are 55-60c a pop. Each disc holds 23,2GB, so we need at least 221 discs -> little over 130€

Of course LTO-5 tapes are about 30€ here with 1,5TB uncompressed capacity, so backupping 5TB would require only 100€ worth of tapes.

…though the tape drive here costs as much as Average Joe’s house, so not a viable option and ODD’s are more practical than tapes.

If someone has a better option than backupping to ODD, I’m all ears…

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2718456]And I see quite a few inquiries around the net looking for instructions on replacing their ODD with an SSD in laptops.[/QUOTE]

I did replace my ODD in my old laptop with a HDD caddy, I needed more space to store my files and to have a some free space on my 64GB SSD.
BTW, I cant remember that last time that I used my laptops ODD :o.


I would prefer to have all my data in two or three HDD’s and not to have them scattered around on various DVD’s or flash drives.

For me if any one is serious on backup, he or she should only look for RAID0 or RAID5 solutions on a NAS or a PC, but unfortunately that will add some extra euros to the overall cost.

I use my DVD drive for ripping audio CDs but only because I prefer non-lossy audio formats so I can convert them to whatever I want. If more music services offered FLAC then I wouldn’t need CDs. My drive rarely gets used for anything else.

I have about a dozen cake boxes of CD-R and DVD-R/+R discs that will probably never get used. Between Internet-based installers and USB flash drives I just don’t need optical media much anymore.