Report: Piracy supports terrorism

I just posted the article Report: Piracy supports terrorism.

Many people have argued that piracy is a victimless crime, but a new report from the RAND Corporation indicates organized crime has a big role in film piracy.
The "Film Piracy, Organized…

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This is such bullshit. I really cannot believe any sane person actually considers whatevr this report spits out to be true.

AMEN Kingston, what happened to personal use?

The article states, “The report, although not able to define any substantial links, said that it’s possible organized piracy could have ties to terrorist organizations…” [asterisks added by me] Now that’s what I call hard-hitting, fact-based journalism! Make a sensational-sounding statement while being wishy-washy about it at the same time. Talk about going out on a limb! These guys are really out there! They’re the next Woodward and Bernstein! I expect the NY Times to pick up on this story at any time!

I read this article to my mom.

Her reply was “Yes, and when you drive alone, you drive with Hitler.”

My mom is awesome.

How many people buy pirated movies? Isn’t most piracy done for free on the internet? Who pays for a pirated copy?

Being scener for years. It´s only about fame and charts.
Lot´s of ppl in the scene do not even have a job, its nerds who sit behind a computer all day. Try compare that to terrorrism :smiley:

It does not concern file sharing, it’s about real piracy where they actually counterfeit DVDs and you buy them, therefore there is money involved and it might see the money going to terrorists.

However, trying to link Internet “free” file sharing and release groups to any kind of money going to terrorism would be the biggest joke ever.

what is the average age in the scene? also, who supports them if they don’t have a job?

Wasn’t this the GW Bush and Cos line about piracy. If you Download something illegally you are supporting terrorism so we need more draconian laws to protect us all??

This article is ludicrous. If you really want to go there, I wrote a nice little 15 page paper on how oil supports terrorism for my college argumentative writing class. I don’t see anyone getting off oil because of it. Hmmm, I wonder why. And what about drugs too? Don’t drugs help support terrorism? Then why do we let Afghanistan, the biggest poppy producer in the world, grow poppy? I mean we have troops there and all so why not take out the fields? I wonder who paid who to write this ridiculous tripe. I hope they got paid well at least.

Don’t confuse the MPAA with facts and logic ! :slight_smile:

MPA paid them, says so at the end of the article. Surprised ?

If organized piracy really supports terrorism, I’m all for legalizing private copying. This would prevent terrorists from making money with piracy. :iagree:

LOOOOL! At Liggy! You are a freakin genius-I have always said so… LOL

I was in China 3 years ago Shanghai, a group of scumbag muslims from the middle east were hanging around a chinese mosque selling pot and cocaine and DVD’s to support themselves living in china, I would believe it, BUT the MPAA is using it as a point to scam the public, muslims and terrorist are of this sort of scumbags and would and do sell their kids as whores in some muslims countries and it is legal. My mother-in-law is a chinese muslim, my wife is muslim chinese, they kids work in rub and tugs in barber shops or so called hair salon in back streets in shanghai, police look other direction because of payolla.

this is bull, people i know pirate to put money in their own pockets, nobody elses! typical propaganda from the MIAA!!

Research proves that 100% of divorces involved married couples.

Protect the family unit. Ban Marriage now!

Well, I do download movies for myself and other to watch. And I do send money to Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah from time to time. Come on, though. Who among us doesn’t?

"It’s sometimes difficult to figure out if the authors are trying to blame piracy for something, or if they actually mean counterfeiting is taking place. " “The nonprofit research center received a grant from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to compile the report.”

I’d say it’s pretty obvious what they’re trying to save giving who paid for the propaganda, er, report.