Report: New 3D TV programming may increase adoption rates

Report: New 3D TV programming may increase adoption rates.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Home 3D technology elicits geeky joy from those with the bank accounts to afford it, and head-tilting skepticism if your pocketbook is a bit too light to justify a 3D TV purchase. Of course, even those with money to spare are hesitant -- as they are when any fancy new gadget comes along. While unlikely to effect the price of 3D TVs themselves, a new report suggests 3D-specific television programming will buoy the adoption of the technology.

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3D technology is a phase at the moment to me - I’m really not a big fan of having to wear a pair of glasses just to watch something like a movie or TV programming, and it’s not that “cool” or important to see things in “3D”, especially when it’s not really “3D” - it’s still a flat screen… For me, it’s just one more way that the industry is trying to suck money out of the honest working Americans… Thoughts?

Ya think? If they make programs people are gonna watch them? How about they make [I]quality [/I]shows instead of gimmick laden crap? Think people might watch them?

When I think about buying new needless technology I remind myself that the majority of people living in India aspire to one day owning a refrigerator (not a new one mind you - just A fridge), so they will stop getting sick eating rotting food…

I think I’d get more joy sponsoring a child in Africa, or for about 20 bucks you can pay of an operation the restores sight to the blind. “3D” pails into insignificance really. Manufacturers, governments and corporations must think we are twats.

And they’d be right.