Report: Millions of computers run outdated software


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Millions of Windows users run outdated and insecure software, according to research from antivirus vendor Avast. The company analyzed more than 163 million computers of which the majority (43%) was running Windows 7. From those Windows 7 users, 15% still used the RTM version of 2009 instead of the more secure Windows 7 SP1.


I trust anything from this company as much as I want a russian mole in my own home.

  1. My chrome updates so that is non-starter
  2. I have outdated acrobat Pro 11 but oh well I keep a good backup but I also don’t clickbait poison links or email
  3. Winrar (JUNK) 7zip is better
  4. MS Office - update it when you check your Win10 update and no issues.
  5. FF - always keep Service Maintenance checked and it will update.
  6. VLC - Unless your watching porn keep its auto check on
  7. Skype will update with Windows
  8. CCleaner - Kept it at older version before the malware infection happened.
  9. iTunes… iWhat…
  10. Teamviewer- is that still around…
  11. WLE - don’t use and won’t use.
  12. 7zip - always better then the rest and more better at what it does don’t clickbait poisoned links or email
  13. Steam - it updates when you run it regardless a real pain in the bunghole
  14. Dropbox - it auto updates so what are you talking about
  15. Opera - wasted bandwidth they did their own destruction
  16. Cyberlink - cyber dump… Why do I need that to go online for? WinDVD Pro is good enough less junk
  17. CyberDirector - give them your money for nothing
  18. HP Photo - never found good reasons to have it never installed it
  19. Cyber youcam-well peekabo some older systems need it and there is no updates to it - SHAMe on you Cyber company
  20. CyberPower2go - literally means get rid of it toss good money away for nothing

As you can see there are some software on here I would never install because they just plain a crapp software. And other COMMON SENSE would go along way.

This should not give anyone any confidence to think otherwise as they are data mining your system without your knowledge and that should raise RED Flags.

This should scare anyone why are they looking at your system without your permission especially what you got installed? That should make one wonder whom is Invading our privacy more???

To me these are very suspicious numbers games going on here. As Windows 10 already has a good Defender installed as another article on here states.


You know, Firefox auto-updates everytime the user opens it. If it’s not auto-updating, that must mean it’s not getting used. And, since it doesn’t have any stupid integration into Windows (beyond associating itself as the user’s default web browser), it cannot represent a significant threat to one’s security unless it actually gets used (regardless of updates).


@TSJnachos117 there is a way to kill the auto updates if you look. And that is what I used and it works. But if you mention it on the mozilla forum you will be told to stop or get banned. They don’t want users knowing this but how to stop auto updates is out there.