Report: many DVR users actually do watch commercials

Report: many DVR users actually do watch commercials.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The ability to use digital video recorders to record and watch TV and movies at a later time was supposed to pose a major threat to advertisers.  Almost 40 percent of US households currently have DVR service in the household, which has forced advertisers to try and adjust.

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I use HDD/DVD recorders so it’s easy enough to edit out commercials before viewing from the hard drive or high-speed dubbing “keepers” to DVD.

Why would one watch commercials if it isn’t necessary?

Of course DVRs supplied by cable and satellite providers don’t have editing features.

There are no DVRs in our household.

Only if it’s a funny commercial. Which are few and far between. But I don’t have a DVR, I don’t waste money on cable or satellite TV. I did use the skip commercial feature on my VCR, but 28.8 modems didn’t support streaming HD television and movies back then.

Before I started using my HTPC as a DVR I used a HDD DVD deck. When I’d copy stuff to DVD I’d add a chapter mark at the end of each block of commercials. That’s the best of both worlds, as hitting ‘Next Chapter’ at the commercial break takes me right back to the show.

I still have a HDD/DVD recorder, and a HDTV card in here so generally I capture with one or the other and edit out the commercials so I can watch later in peace.
I also have a WDTV live and use that to watch the caps from the HDTV card before or mostly after editing down. I use the standalone recorder for the things I don’t care about being in HD like some of my guilty pleasures like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares:cool:
I see enough of them watching live TV so not going to watch them on anything I’ve recorded.
I also use a add blocker and No Script on here so I don’t have to see all the anoying pop ups and adds everywhere on the net.

Check your PVR! There are two buttons on my remote that are used extensively,
MUTE and the 30 second skip. Thankfully my cable provider hasn’t figured out that they can order remotes without the 30 second skip.