Report: Majority of Americans still buys DVDs and Blu-ray discs


But of course, ripping is still copyright infringement in some countries. Not that I care though, I will rip my legit media to NAS no matter what the laws in my country say.


Like others have already stated, I like to purchase my video content on physical discs. Although I can see some benefit of digitally storing content on a personal cloud and streaming the content over my home network to my devices.


I would love to see a breakdown of this report based on the age of the person buying the discs or who the disc was intended for. I don’t think the results would be surprising at all but still be interesting.

Edit: Just knowing the report was based on purchases by people 13 or older is too broad.


Actually that is misleading there is Fair Use that comes into play since they aren’t making it for any monetary gains.


It’s not misleading at all, in some countries it is certainly not legal to rip copy protected content, whether it’s for personal use or not. Fair use is mainly for the US and doesn’t matter in many countries, neither does monetary gain.


While it’s considered “fair use” in the US to backup for personal reasons, it’s illegal to circumvent the copy-protections/DRM in place to do so as outlined under the DMCA. Thus we have a conundrum :slight_smile:


And yet the pirate sites continue to live on…right…DMCA is what people use whey they can’t answer what Fair Use comes into play…


Yeah, when it comes to $$$ for movies (and the like) it’s physical disc or nothing, pretty much.

I just can’t see spending something like $10-15 for digital only copies. while that might be convenient for some, I would rather have a physical copy which is always the highest quality anyways when it comes to movies which is why it don’t make much sense to shell out $$$ for a lower quality digital copy. hell, the ‘alternatives’ are better than anything already short of having the actual movie on a bluray disc.


Pirate sites live on, but how many are based in countries like the US, UK, Germany or France where copyright laws are more severe?

No matter how much you bang on about fair use, fact remains it is not legal to rip optical media in several countries and they have stricter fair use rules than the US or no fair use rules at all. There is a world out there that doesn’t have the same laws as the good old US of A.


I havent bought a Bluray or DVD, or burned a DVD in 5 years. I do not intend to do it ever again.


I still rather Own more than Rent myself , though I don’t buy half as much as I use to.
Very few Blu-ray I only have about 30 total


Corporate media never really respects anyone’s freedom, but with DVDs, you can steal much of your freedom back. If DVDs were DRM free, they’d be totally 100% freedom-respecting, but since the DRM is crackable, you can at least regain your freedom… as long as you don’t get caught by copyright trolls.


Majority does it for their own backup so I doubt they have much to worry here.


And yet in 2018 pirate sites are alive and well right… in US, UK, GR, FR…

And yet there are software that blast away those so called protection yeah that will really stop them.

Really and Putin must be lovin someone for it.

Oh yeah, I still get my DVD and BD from my local library and so do many customers.


I’m sure you’ll be able to tell us the big piracy sites out there that are based in those countries…?

What is you point? Because there is a way to get around DRM or copy protection on virtually all DVDs, BDs and software, doesn’t make it any more or less legal.

Yes and it definitely wouldn’t be legal to copy disks borrowed from a library. Fair use doesn’t apply either because the borrower doesn’t own the disk, that scenario would be plain and simple piracy.

Oh dear me, that’s the sort of comment people resort to when they have nothing left…


I think Dutch people have plenty to worry about, given how aggressive Brien is. (I’m sure there are other parties in other countries that are just as terrible, although I can’t think of any.)



And yet it has only grown because of such acts.

And I don’t hear the town cryer going there?

And the response is the best that can be offered as well.


Maybe there are but if so I doubt they could care less about a copy DVD/BD - they probably are doing it and making money off their own citizens.


In a simple DVD/BD discussion you’ve managed to involve Putin, the NSA, the CIA, town cryers and more, we only need a mention of China to complete the set. If you can’t rationally discuss my points about DVD/BD ripping legality then maybe you shouldn’t bother replying, or at least think before you do. Your replies are getting increasingly more random and obscure and are barely relating to the comments you are replying to at all.


That is entirely possible. We all know how greedy these corruption corporations tend to be