Report: iPod Shuffle adapters to cost roughly $30

I just posted the article Report: iPod Shuffle adapters to cost roughly $30.

A reviewer of Apple’s latest iPod Shuffle reports that third-party accessories, such as headphone adapters, will require an authentication chip, the cost of which will likely be passed on to…

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WTF is all i have to say !!! no words can describe this moronic idea.
As John Stewart comment on CNN’s " is it fun to be a billionaire"
F@@K YOU !!! lmao

what no one buying apple’s brand of earphones?? lol

DRM on the microphone !

re. the audiophile comment, what kind of an audiophile bothers with a shuffle anyway ? :slight_smile:

Nice to see the reactions on cdfreaks isn’t full of apple defending fanboys. This is absolutely outrageous. Leave it to apple.

Perfectly happy with my 16GB Nano, it’s nice having a screen, ample hd space, being able to use any headphones I want & it’s fantastic for jogging or working out.

Just found out the reason Apple put this chip in their shuffle, is because they are putting it into every upcoming Ipod model. They are doing this to control what hardware will be used with the Ipod. In the new Ipod Touch/Phone, they will implement bluetooth. But, in order to control what bluetooth devices you will use, all bluetooth devices must have this Apple chip to work with the Iphone.

This obviously breaks the bluetooth spec, so they should not be allowed to use the Bluetooth logo. If they do choose to market it saying it has bluetooth, hopefully someone will sue the crap out of them for false advertising.