Report: Entertainment should cost less

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The music, film and video game industries stand to make more money overall if they lower their prices, according to research based on customer surveys.

The report by Ipsos MORI says there’s a…

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Meh, research like this isn’t really handy. These companies usually hire mathematicians on how much to charge to get the most profit. Lowering the price doesn’t necessarily mean more profit just as raising the price wouldn’t mean more either.

Sort of like taxes, huh? Historically, under capitalism, when taxes go down, revenue goes up…oh, wait a minute…I forgot, the USA elected a socialist government last year, didn’t we? Never mind.

Ferd must have got his can of Condensed Crap from the DC area… Seems we’re supposed to choke whatever they throw at us down, but it doesn’t work that way - OK, not a political venue, sorry

Many people do not go to the movies anymore because of the high cost. They prefer to wait until it comes out on dvd or blu- ray to putchase or rent.
It cost a family of four (4) over $30 just for tickets and of course the little ones will want popcorn and a drink that is another $20 so the two hour outing has cost the family $50 if they go to the matinee.
My husband and I are on a fixed income and cannot afford these outragious prices. So we wait for them to come out on dvd. When the grandchildren come over we have "movie night"
With the economy as it is, people do not have the money to be spending on luxury items such as going to the movies.
Just one man’s opinion

You’re right, adinkado. So far, I have severely restricted the reinvestment of my bailout money in very many of the recent theatrical releases. Having burned out on movie special effects a few years ago, and reading the crappy reviews of “Transformers -Revenge of the Script Writers” or whatever it’s called, I have so far resisted seeing that POS movie. The only movie I have seen so far this year that was worth the admission was “Up”. The rest are excellent DVD material, so far.
Not only that, but I saw “Up” in 3D and they gave me these cool glasses to wear. When I left the theater with them and drove home, the cars looked like they were coming right at me! Even the honking horns sounded real!
P.S. - does the username “adinkado” have anything to do with Jimmy Durante?

While money is certainly a factor in whether to go to the movies or watch a DVD at home, there’s a few other reasons that DVDs are the preferred choice. In the theaters, the offerings are popcorn, candy and pop. At home - the menu can be more healthy - juice - fruit, etc. Secondly, many actors today don’t “talk” - they mumble and hearing what they said over the swelling music is nearly impossible - DVDs have Closed Captioning! Instant replay anyone? Add in that the feature starts when “you” say it starts and DVDs are just more people friendly!

For those that like the human contact that comes with seeing films in theaters, there’s a growing trend in banks and other companies presenting “film night” - showing the movies that are now in public domain in a smaller theater setting and at much lower prices. There’s a delightful touch of nostalgia in these more private showings as most of the people share a common element of living in the same neighborhood, working for the same company, etc.

Movies stopped being about Entertainment and Escapism and became about theater-size and profit. If DVD viewing at home and at smaller theaters in the neighborhood are any indication, smaller is better and lower prices can still bring people out to see a show.
Who knows, Mega-theaters may wind up going the way of the drive-in???

Hi ferd,
You are the first one to ever ask that. I had forgotten that was a favorite of his as I was a huge fan. Unfortunately it does not.