Report: DVD piracy continues to rise

I just posted the article Report: DVD piracy continues to rise.

Futuresource Consulting research reports a growing number of people, especially young men, “pirating” legally purchased DVDs in the United States.

From the survey, 32 percent of…

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yawn nothing new here…:rolleyes:

I find it hard to believe that 32% of all people could even BURN a dvd, let alone copy a protected disc. Most of the people I know are noobs who are baffled at the difference between a cd and a dvd.

“32 percent of respondents in the U.S.”… which are young men.

Go figure! NOT 32% of all people!!

Besides it’s not rocket science to copy a DVD by any stretch.

Why should copying for personal backup and use, not sharing with others, be illegal? How many times have you purchased a DVD and in the future had it get a major scratch rendering it useless. With a backup copy you don’t lose your purchased product. Come on, LP’s weren’t protected (my age shows), 8-Tracks could be copied, Cassettes could be copied and all was fine. Then along came the VCR and copy protection arived. I don’t remember any music label or musician complaining back in the 60’s over infringement. To me this is all driven by price of purchasing movies, cd’s, etc. Why pay $19 to $26 USD for a movie when you can make a copy for less than $2? If I see a movie on sale for $4.99 then I’ll buy it as the extra few dollars isn’t worth the effort to get a copy and burn it. Price reasonable and piracy will vertually stop.

I make backups of all my dvds. No one gets the copy and I don’t loan mine anymore. But I have legally purchased every dvd I have. Yes I make a back up. I don’t want to pay $20 or more for some and have it get damaged and need to buy a new one. The piracy thing is just economics for those who pirate them. Just like MeWayOvr50if they would not be so damn greedy and price them cheaper piracy would take a big hit in the amount of people doin it. I also don’t burn & return when I rent one. I rent it to see if it is something I would want to see again. Then I go buy it. Also the dvds that are featureless are bull shit. I watch the movie and check out the extra features and even look for easter eggs. But I am not going to run out and buy one just for the extras either. If the movie sux then I don’t care about features. So when I rent it would be no big deal.