Report BitLord As another client?

My bro turned me on to BitLord. I didn’t think much of it at first. I just thought it was a BT Comet rip off. Turns out it is a lot better (for me). My only problem is that Blackcats banned the client for a old script. My god, talk about harsh. So I have to switch back and forth from uTorrent and BitLord it is really annoying. Any Fix for it. Do not tell me, I should just use uTorrent. I don’t want to.

Don’t worry about the seeding crap either. I seed until 5 or more.

IIRC BitLord is adware and based on an old version of BitComet (= two reasons to stay away).
You said that it would be better for you. Why? Does it have faster speeds?

I have no clue. It doesnt take up a lot of my ram and goes up to 200 kb on public servers and 600 kb on private. Utorrent gets 400kb on private and 100 or less on public. I dont have the adware version either. I got the one from cnet which doesnt have whenu. I know how to report it as a differnt client, but I whould have to hex edit it. That is a pain. I may just switch to BitComet (again). Their new version is a lot better and isnt banned from a millon sites. But the old Bitlords were good (any thing below v1). I just got relly pissed when I saw Bitlord stole Lphant’s source. :confused: what a same.

BitComet and BitLord spam the tracker with requests, pretend to be a new peer every few seconds and do some other shit that annoys everyone else. Please, please, please, don’t use these as they may be faster for you but ruin it for everyone else. Many people actually block these clients on a personal level in Azureus or uTorrent.