Report: Apple tablet real, will launch in Nov

I just posted the article Report: Apple tablet real, will launch in Nov..

Apple keeps the rumor mill in overdrive with speculation regarding its tablet device.

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i was interested in a apple tablet in the worst way, but once i found it wont be a per say REAL computer running full version software i lost intrest and decided to go with a Hp full tablet and a asus t91 netbook tablet and simply run Ubuntu. ill start with the asus first since $499 is cheaper then the hp and with what i want a tablet for, the asus will do nicely for now.

Apple needs to get a clue, it amazes me these mactards like limitied products. And get this, im a mac fan, but by no means stupid. Ubunutu and Hackintosh are the perfect answer.

“Some analysts believe $700+ is too much for a tablet device, but I think they forget the strong following Apple has in the tech community.”

You mean the iPod or iPhone idiots that have to have the latest and pay top dollar for it and allow Apple to charge ridiculous prices? Demand drives up price. The less demand the lower the price, simple econ 101. I’m a PC because you can build a PC out of anything practically as long as you have drivers for the thing. Mac’s and Hackintosh’s are a far cry from the flexibility of a PC.