Report: Apple expected to cut Mac prices

I just posted the article Report: Apple expected to cut Mac prices.

Several sources are reporting that Apple will launch lower priced versions of two popular Mac products sometime this summer.

Specifically, the 13-inch MacBook and iMac will have price cuts…

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I liked the Mac when I used it , and would be good for the price to come down abit

They’re going to have to drop the price A LOT to get the sales that would otherwise go to bargain PCs and laptops. After all, the ARE just overpriced novelty PCs ever since they switch to Intel. There are hacked versions of OSX out that will run on just about any recent PC. The only thing different about MACs is a bit of code in the ROM used to identify the hardware to the OS. The hacked versions simply bypass this check.

I’ve used MS PCs since first introduction, still do, but NEVER on the internet. A few years back after experiencing an especially frustrating situation with my PC, I went out and bought an iMac. Since that time I’ve never seen a pop-up and have never experienced any kind of worm, virus, or whatever … and … I’ve never had to pay a single penny for anti-virus software. I’ve never seen lockups, freeze-ups, or issues of that type of any sort. And loading new software, including operating systems, is always a breeze. And by the way, the time machine automatic backup feature is worth its weight in gold.

I do so appreciate finally having a frustration free computer. To me, the Mac is very much worth its higher price.

Now that I’ve experimented with using my TV as an alternate iMac monitor (works very well) I’m going out and buy one of these new Mini Macs for just that purpose.