Report: 77% think 3D movie tickets cost too much



Report: 77% think 3D movie tickets cost too much.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The added premium price of 3D movie tickets is too much for most movie watchers, even though 3D content has been popular at the box office.

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When a single entry theatre ticket approaches the cost of buying a movie on bluray and watch it on your bigass hdtv and home theatre system, you’re going to have issues.

Movie theatres finally found something to get people back into theatres, and they totally want to destroy it.


Well, gee, who knew that before now?


I paid extra for me and the wife to see Avatar in 3D. That’s it. My wallet is officially closed tighter than a frog’s bum hole. 3D is okay, but I’d rather just wait and buy the movie on DVD. Movie theatres are only used now an excuse for a night out. Most of us have TVs 40"+. Why go to the theatre and have someone sit their fat ass in front of you and talk through the flick while you try to eat your $7 bucket of luke-warm popcorn?

Sorry for the rant. I get bitchy when I go more than a week without seeing my shrink.


What is overpriced, the $7 popcorn, the $1.50 bottle of water, the 40"+ TV that most don’t have. Sure the ticket price for 3D is overpriced; but so are many things; and 3D is the “new now wow”. My big problem is I don’t want to go to the theater to see a movie that will be on cable within the year. And most movies today are hardly worth the money to see.


I believe that 3D movies are great, but shouldn’t cost more than a regular movie ticket. I agree with CCRomeo, however, it’s the “new hotness” so of course companies are going to charge what they can to get people in. I have a family of 3 and it just gets too expensive if we want to go to the movies [I]on a regular basis[/I]. A night out at the movies every once in a while is great though. There’s nothing like going to a HUGE screen movie theater… even if the tweens won’t shut the hell up.