Report: 1 in 8 are prepared to cancel cable TV



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A new report released by the Yankee Group indicates one in eight Americans will drop their cable TV subscription before the end of 2010, though there are a few reasons behind the switch.

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It has been more than a year since I got rid of all cable/satellite paid TV I have a antenna on my roof to watch all local TV in HD and then watch anything I miss on Hulu and watch movies by ordering from Netflix and streaming movies and supplement that with redbox and blockbuster kiosks both in my town within 5 miles of my house. I pay $45 for everything give or take $5 depending how much I rent from redbox/blockbuster. Most of the time I would rather watch TV shows on Hulu anyways there is so few commercials even if they doubled the amount they have it would still be a ton better than the 15 minutes of commercials they have on regular network TV there is hardly a noticeable difference if you watch it in 480p via Hulu compared to watching it in HD OTA. The money saved not paying for TV is so much anyone could build themselves an awesome HTPC and do the same thing. I have a lot of friends and family that have paid me to give them the same setup so they could save the money that I am too.


Maybe the reduction has to do with the crap being put on TV these days. There are five or six shows on each week that I really care at all about watching. There needs to be some decent, real family programming again. Right now, there’s nothing that I would want my small children to watch.


Not surprising in the least. Consider the evolution of TV in my City.
In the Begining, “Peasant Vision” 4 free channels whose programing generally consisted of Junk, Garbage, Crap and Something far Worse.
Then came Cable, 60 chanels of Junk, Garbage, Crap and Something far Worse.
Onto Digital Cable and HD Digital Cable and we now have 200 chanels of you guessed it.
Any of the “Specialty Chanels” that are actually worth watching are available in the “Next Tier Up” at “Additional Cost”.
A “Fully Loaded” cable subscription here will set you back a bit over $300.00 a month.
Don’t know about you, but I’m digging through my wallet to see if my Library Card is still valid.


I’d love to cut the cable myself, the only problem is I can’t find anywhere that does streaming NFL game, if it weren’t for live sports I would have dumped cable years ago.


Well comcast is doing a “upgrade” where they encrypt everything but the locals, then give us crap analog out only “free” boxes so we can still tune what we used to get with a TV that had a regular cable tuner and a QAM cable tuner for the locals in HD.
I can still tune the locals in HD with my LG 4200a HD cable tuner I own, and a few others, plus home shopping channels, but all the channels I used to get for just being a expanded basic customer are gone now. I have to use one of their cheap boxes or DTA’s that they give you for free. Now I can’t easily set my QAM equipped Hard drive/dvd recorder to record all my favorite cable shows unless I first pipe it in through the crappy box, OR I can pay extra to get a HD box from them, or HD DVR, some upgrade…for them…
And they wonder why people are leaving :a