Repolacement for my 107d

My Pioneer 107d has driven me bonkers between flashing the firmware backwards to Nils 1.21, checking DMA, checking the the ide cable is 80 pin, wasting different media to try and find the right one.

It’s never burnt successfully at 4x, and at this point won’t read TY discs burnt on a matshita laptop drive.

So I am heading out to the store tomorrow and will buy the best regular internal dvd writer you can recommend me , I trust you guys.
Bear in mind I’m not big on Pioneer after this, but maybe the 215/6’s will be better. But like I said the first good recommendation is what I’ll be asking for.

Thanks for your help.

I would choose the Pioneer 115D/215…I have the 115D myself and it’s a lovely drive, even burns flawlessly in an external enclosure I have.

Do you have IDE or SATA on your motherboard, or both? If you have SATA, please post the chipset on your motherboard as some don’t get on well with SATA optical drives.

Also, where are you located? The 115/215 are more widely available in Europe, but there are a couple of US places I can recommend.

I have tried the 212 and I didn’t like it. For me the best drives for now are 7200S/7203S but they aren’t very good in DL+ as well as any other drive I have tried the last months. And I am talking about 8x burns.

The pioneer is very good with dual layer media, and also good with singe layer(although the 720X series is better in SL media) .

The next best thing it’s the optiarc 720xA or 720xS (loves verbatim media, both formats, also TY+R 8x).

Ok cheers guys, I asked for the 215 & optiarc and no-one had them. But I did get the 216d, it was the cheapest and as I understood one of the best. After initial problems installing it onto a SATA port (the computer kept asking for a boot disc), I have another hd on my other SATA port - I’m using an 865Perl, I switched the power wires supplying it and the pc booted up ok and have now burnt succesfully a dvd at 16x. WOW. I didn’t think it was possible.

Superb, I just hope the pc boots up ok tomorrow morning.
Thanks for the suggestions.