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Some folks @ cdfeaks dot com started a rage of replying as fast as possible to news posts. This probablly has been caused by a figure…

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As long as doesn’t have server-cant-handle-all-those-replies-itis




damn, wrong button…
But this is 1st class humor @ cdfreaks dot com!!!


Thank you for some humor in an otherwise pretty dull day.


I just noticed something:

We all beat Vinny!

Yay! Paaarty…


All I have to say is:
"DAMN DUDE!!! You must have been bored to come up with all that "
I’ve developed computeritise. I cant make myself get off the damn thing. It’s like I’m glued to it physically. Anyway, now I’m off to enjoy a nice bootlegged copy of AOE 2 - Thanks MS for such a nice game for free!!


Hi all, so whats goin on ere?
erm…have i missed something?

Nah, just wanted to say hi?


haha :-

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i predict it will last as long as the forum is down. the news topics have sort of turned into a small (very small) forum. it’s the only way to pass time between those mindless IRC sessions in #cdfreaks and!


Thank you, thank you lol


At least some fun
Keep up with it


You ALL will have to suffer!!

(God damn it, I’m beaten again )


And once again…

A whole lot of bull-shit reply’s on a post


Who carez anyway?


Who, vinny is now part of the scene, he is almost as popular as napster and godabuzz, keep up the good work vinny, we all support you time waister trying to reply first.


maybe cdfreaks needs to make a ‘yes-im-first-section’ on their page or maybe they should just ban all the first replies of their posts from their page


Damn you guys are weird


we are?