Reply from Yamaha on SCSI discontinuing rumor

I just posted the article Reply from Yamaha on SCSI discontinuing rumor.

Yesterday we posted about a rumor that also Yamaha would stop their SCSI drive production.

Something that would not be unbelievable because several major CDRW drive manufacturers have pulled…

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Well, as I’m the one who “started the rumor” - all I can say is I hope they don’t retract it a week from now. The next big thing are the 40x12x40 burners - already out from Plextor and Sanyo - both IDE . I imagine Yamaha won’t leave the scene without a contender for very long (the new burners are almost twice as fast as Yahmaha’s 24x20x40), so we’ll know soon . Interestingly, on Yamaha’s CD-RW product page they already deleted the 3200 SCSI -win/webcgi.exe/cHDR00007 and on the global site they only have the external SCSI xtra/products/crw3200/crw3200.html Now, perhaps I’m paranoid - but something is fishy. I tried to order from an online store here which still advertises the SCSI internals, but the sales person said they can’t get them anymore (this store has very little stocks, especially of SCSI products, they order from the importer once you make your order).That’s the second place claiming “no more Yamaha SCSIs”. Like I said, fishy. Remember when Plextor stoped? they would’nt comment for a few weeks about the “rumor”. I hope I am wrong - we’ll no soon enough…

Yeah I hope there will be more SCSI products. SCSi rules!!

Never fear. Yamaha just released the scsi adapter for the 3200 series today. This confirms their continued committment to scsi :4