RepliCheck finds pirates before manufacturing

I just posted the article RepliCheck finds pirates before manufacturing.

Today we received a press release promoting a service called RepliCheck. This new service is designed specifically to help with anti-piracy efforts in manufacturing plants. RepliCheck identifies…

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Since I doubt EAC or AudioGrabber will be adding this check, I’m not worried. And even if they do, well I still have an old (aka current as of today) copy of both apps stored. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who in their right mind would install this.

Well someone who wants to see how good it works might :slight_smile: Actually it doesn’t say it will disable anything, just generate a copyright report and allow you to play the file by clickong on the report. Its what can and may be done with this that could suck

Would I be right in saying that most of these protection/detection programs are either passive or active. By passive I mean they are openly placed on the market by its creator and thereby, to be useful, require compliance with software/hardware companys and endusers (us). By active I mean these programs are introduced surreptitiously, still requiring some compliance with software/hardware companys, and even some end users. the legality of these protections/programs will be debated ad infinitum. These businesses are pissing uphill into the wind if they think they are going to eradicate piracy. NOWHERE not ONE FRIGGING PLACE have I read that these greedy bastard would avail themselves for consumer consultation, ie " ok we’re sick of losing money. your sick of shitty products, lets work together on this". These bastards need to hit about the head and shoulders with a sock full of dogshit…:7