Replcaement Hard Drives

I read in a post that the DMR-EH50 could have a new hard drive installed. I have been unable to find the post that the poster was talking about.

My question is, is it possible to drop a new drive into an EH50, or any other model? If so, must it be the same model HD, or can other sizes/brands be installed? If so which ones?

I did attempt to dupe my drive from my EH50 by pulling it from the system and installing it in one of my linux boxes. No matter what linux version I booted, and I tried many (Slack, Knoppix, tomsrtbt, DSL, etc), I was unable to read that drive. I was told by a friend that the drives in these systems are likely a bit different than a normal HD, and are protected from being read when not installed in the original equipment. Anyone have an answer on this subject?


Okay then. I guess there is no way to drop in a replacement hard drive.

Very disappointing after some of the posts I read.

Thanks for all the responses.

I visited a site a long time ago where this was discussed, however I can’t remember where.
A search on this site reveals thread.
but no help to you.
If you have a spare drive why not try it, after all you have nothing to lose.
Be aware that any drive you put into the machine will require re formating including the one you take out so backup the recordings you want to keep first.

Thanks for the info.

An important bit was included here - if I remove the old one, it will require reformatting!

What other things are known about the Panasonic HD systems? I am quite sure that the HD that is currently installed is NOT a standard drive, since I can’t read it, and I thought I could read anything. Will the system accept a “normal” off the shelf HD?


Yes drives used in pvr are slightly different in the way they handle errors.
Other makes of pvr’s have had larger standard HDDs fitted with sucess, so just try it you never know until you try.

I have a similar question about replacing the eh75v’s 80 gig with a larger one. What I found on another site was that someone claimed that it can be done, but the firmware will force the larger drive to act like an 80gig drive. Of course, I can’t find the page anymore. I will post the link after I dredge it up from my other computer.
Anyone else know anything about this? Thanks

The link I mentioned in the previous post…
I searched that site without success for more info.