Replaygain question

I’m trying to encode FLAC files with replaygain tags. So there is the option with analyze the files as an album. I don’t know exactly how replaygain decides what’s the peak amplitude for each track, and how it tries to compare it to other tracks in the same “album”. And can the replaygain tags be edited if I didn’t select the correct options when I was encoding it? (When I encoded two batch of tracks at two different times and selected as analyze as an album, which should be analyzed as the same album)

Also, for classical music only, is replaygain necessary? Classical music CDs don’t exaggerate the volume of the music right?

In general it is recommended to do “Album” scans, because in this case both TrackGain and AlbumGain values are calculated. Then you can select whether you want to use Track or Album optimised playback. When you select TrackGain all tracks on the album will have approx. the same volume level, while albumGain sustains the difference between the more loud and more quiet songs on the album.

For classical music replaygain may not be necessery, but it doesn’t hurt, because in the case when no volume adjustion is needed the RG value will be set to 0.00 dB