Replay music is way better than tunebite

i have tried both and i have to say that has the best product. Every song i mean every song is taged and it uses the gracenote music tagging system. You can even adjust the vlume level cut off and split tracks right in this program. Try it yourself you get 25 free tracks to record

I disagree, tunebite if you output to .ogg then use the right program to convert tags it also and you do not have to worry about the wrong tag ( it takes it from the wma ) also it splits track based on the track duration not based on silence and works much better with WMP.

have to say tunebite works okay with napster files. haven’t tired replay-music but was almost going to try another service since nothing worked with napster, but tunebite seems to working okay. converted the wma files to ogg then to mp3 and wav and sounds okay but cuts off few seconds, no big deal.