Replay Gain - Easy way to locate only files without gain data?

I started to use replay gain not too long ago in Foobar. It’s one of those things that once you start using it your going to stick with it.

Problem I am having is that I added a bunch of new music to my library and forgot to scan it for replay gain data before adding it into my master library.

I do not want to scan everything again because it takes a long time to do and also because I sync my files between my desktop & laptop and what will happen is if I have replay gain write new tags to my old files it will want to sync like 250GB of music that is already synced and that is a ton of data transfer.

So does anybody know any program or simple way to scan my library to only locate files that have no previous replay gain tag information so I can apply it only to those?

AFAIK ’ track gain is independent of all other tracks…So import your library or independent tracks and choose(highlight) what you want f2k to scan…Other then that, I don’t know if there is an “easy/simple way”…That said, I like listening to my toones as it was intended and don’t mind reaching for the knob, so I rarely use ReplayGain…IIRC iTunes does indeed scan all newly added tracks or albums using ‘Soundcheck’ when checked in ‘Preferences’ if that’s of any help and or looking for an alternative player…

Yeah, I never wanted to use it at first. Then I enabled it one day on accident and once I had some of my music running with it I just converted the rest.

Its not so bad, good for when I am going to sleep and que up a bunch of music because it does suck when one song is too quiet to hear and then the next is so loud it kicks you out of sleep.

Even with the gain info in the tags you can just disable replay gain and it wont make use of it, so I can easily go back to not having it interfere with the music.

I have not however found a way to search for files without gain tags to filter them out in any way.

I’ve used it in the past, and mostly I’ll revert/remove replaygain after a few listening tests or sessions…F2k is my primary/default audio SW player b-cuzz it does soo much more…I also use iTunes(cough) and un-like others, I don’t mind it at all…It’s got a nice gui and playback quality, as you well know, has no bearing on which SW player(s) you use…Mostly in the features they each provide or lack…To each their own!..

You can do it in WinAmp by adding the ‘Album Gain’ and ‘Track Gain’ columns to the library display. Then sort by those columns.

edit: While in WinAmp you can highlight those files that don’t have it and send to Replay Gain.