Replay 3.0 & Yahoo Unlimited Music Help



Ok so I download music through Yahoo Music Unlimited.

I play the music I download through the Yahoo Music Jukebox & Record it with Replay Music 3.0 into MP3 Format.

I just recently updated from Replay Music 2.0 to 3.0.

Replay Music 3.0 is not working as well as 2.0 did.

Like I play 10 songs & it records them but doesn’t split them like the older version.

It keeps them all together as 1 song & it doesn’t Tag them whenever I click stop recording it just says converting.

I have all of the settings set just like the old version of Replay Music.

What is the problem?

Would Tunbite Audio Converter be better than Replay Music?

Also Yahoo Music is going to become Rhapsody Music.

Will I be able to download the songs just like I did with Yahoo Music & Record them with Replay Music to MP3 Format?

Also Is there any such Software that can check for skips or mess ups in MP3’s?