Replacment drive for medion md 96320

hi i have a medion 96320 wam 2070 laptop i was wondering if i can replace the dvd drive with any or if i need to replace it with the same drive that is in it at the moment is a SN-S082D


basically, it is possible to replace a notebook optical drive. If the notebook is rather new, any warranty of the notebook will be void if the optical drive is replaced by the user.

Sometimes, the front plate has to be replaced by the old one or it has to be modified.
Also, you need a drive that is preconfigured (Master/Slave) the same way as the original one. Since there are no jumpers, this is often difficult.

I’d recommend getting an external “half height” (normal sized, no slimeline) drive that will be connected via USB or Firewire, since apart from the difficulties described above basically all slimline DVD writers are not very reliable - and there is absolutely no support for these drives.


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Yes you can replace the drive by removing just 1 or 2 screws and it slides right out and it will not void your warranty especailly if you go thru you laptop maker. I would contact their tech support and find out you options.

thanks for all your help