Replacing the DVD writer in my LVW-5026

Right, basically I’m gonna replace the drive that is in the unit currently with an LiteOn SHM-165P6S-09C from ebuyer (

Can you guys/gals please let me know what else I need to do step by step:

  1. Install drive on PC and flash it with newest firmware
  2. Make the drive region free using LtnRPC (
  3. Set the jumper to…??? on the drive (need to know, master or slave or cable select?)
  4. Plug in drive

Set jumper to master. Should be good to go.

According to post #100 at the freeze on fast forward in the recorder may be fixed by cross flash to Sony if fast forward function is important. Also I get best SL performance with MSOP firmware instead of the latest MSOR, and you may like to flash back to MSOP since recorder only uses SL recording.

I’ve replaced my drives in my ILO HD04 units (rebadged liteon 80GB hardrive recorders) and when powering on one would be normal and the second one took forever to boot up. I opened the case on the one that was powering normally and noticed that both the HDD and Drive were set on Cable Select. The other unit had the HDD on CS and the drive on Master, changed master to CS and now both boot up normally.

When replacing a drive in a drive-only unit, it needs to be set on Master. When replacing a drive in a HDD recorder, put both on select and you’re good to go !!


Which firmware do I use to do this? I can’t find it on codeguy’s website.

The link in post #102 of that same thread has link to Sony MYS6 firmware plus link to Digi’s flash utility.

Hey guys - heres what I found:

  • The drive had some very very weird firmware - MBS1.
  • Didn’t flash it to a Sony as FixFlash said the firmware was too big of a filesize or something? Need some more instructions.
  • I made it multi-region using LtnRPC and slotted it into my LVW-5026.
  • Was about to read retail DVDs and DVD-Rs.
  • Can burn DVD-Rs now, yes!!!

More testing soon.

Can someone tell me what to do in order to crossflash it?

Did you try to run Digi’s flash utility on the MBS1 firmware? According to post #102 of that thread the downloaded MYS6 firmware should be flash fixed, and then flash the SHM-165P6S with the MYS6 flash fixed firmware.

what do i flash it with? omniflasher?

edit: meant to say able to read retail and dvd-r dvds on the previous post.


Does “NO FREEZING WHEN FAST FORWARDING!” mean while connected to the recorder? If so, then you may not need to do a cross flash. If you need to cross flash, you simply:

  1. Go to the link in post #102 of the thread referenced in post #5 of this thread.
  2. Download MYS6 firmware and the FlashFix utility from that link.
  3. Run the FlashFix utility on the downloaded MYS6 firmware.
  4. Flash the SHM-165P6S drive with the FlashFixed MYS6 firmware, and you’re done.