Replacing the drive in a CyberHome CH-DAV 415

Hey guys,

So I just got this DVD-Receiver (CyberHome CH-DAV 415) from this house I was working in the other day (I do property maintenance and the old tenants left it behind). I plugged it in to test it and it powered on. The LCD just read “LOADING” for some time and then finally “NO DISC”. The unit would also not eject at all, not even with the help of a paper clip…So I took it home and naturally opened it up to tinker around. It looked as if the loading gears weren’t operating properly so I figured I would try to replace it with a DVD-ROM I had laying around. I did a little research and apparently it’s not as easy as just swapping one for one which makes sense. You’ve got firmware, software and driver issues, etc etc. I’ve seen some mod sites do it, but this player is different. It’s got its 4 pin molex for power, 40 pin IDE for data and then a 26 pin ribbon which is apparently for audio i/o if I am correct. There’s no conversion from circuit board to the physical drive either, it’s a 26 pin ribbon cable from one to the other. So, I’m thinking replacing this thing is gonna be cumbersome if not impossible. Have you guys ever seen this setup before or anything like it? Any tips? Adapters that may work? I’ve looked at it over and over and I can’t think of anything. I really don’t care if I can’t get this unit working (hell it was free…) but as a geek I like to bring crap back to life if I can. Any input is greatly appreciated.



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Is this just a player, or a recorder? DVD players are too cheap and easy to replace to bother with fixing the drive, so you’re unlikely to get much help there. All of the geek stuff is focused on recorders, not players.