Replacing Pioneer 115D

I dont think I need to rant and rave about how great the Pioneer 115D is. Sadly, it seems on the verge of a mechanical break down as it is having problems ejecting.

I really cant decide on what drive to get. The Sony Optiarc 7240S seem to have good reviews,but doesnt offer bit setting. I would imagine theres a firmware patch for this, but I could be wrong. The Pioneer 116/216 doesnt live up to the 115s, but they seem like there an alright drive.

I would prefer SATA connections, and I need bit setting support. Doesnt matter if its via firmware patches or built in to the drive stock.

The Samsung SH-S223Q seems to be insanely popular on neweeg, and I think this is my top choice at the moment. However if theres a better drive on the market I would rather go with the better drive.

The latest Pioneer is the 217, though I don’t know much about it.

There is a firmware available for the Optiarc 7240s that will allow bitsetting. One of our moderators, Liggy, made it, and you can find it here:
I am using the 1.01 bitsetting firmware in mine, with no issues. It has been a good drive so far, as a replacement for my Pioneer 215L that started having burning problems.

I haven’t paid much attention to the Samsung 223…I have the 203B which was considered much better when the 223 was released. Perhaps newer firmware has helped the 223, but you would need to look through the posts in the burner forum to find out.

Any one confirm if the Samsung SH-S223Q has bit setting?

[QUOTE=Xplorer4x4;2300722]Any one confirm if the Samsung SH-S223Q has bit setting?[/QUOTE]

Should do with C0deKing’s patch utility - I used it successfully on my Sammy 203N, but bear in mind you will void any drive warranty by patching the firmware…which you seem OK with judging from your original post. :wink:

I have the 223F myself, but haven’t bothered with patching its firmware yet (too lazy/forgetful heh). It’s quite a good drive, certainly does its job, with the latest firmware

BTW, I also had a Pio 115D go South within a year of light use. Was kinda hoping mine was an isolated incident. :wink:

Yours went south to eh? Yeah needless to say I was upset as it was such a great drive. Its reading abilities impressed me the most, and there seemed like there were better choices then the 116/216 ot the 117/217 for that matter. That said the Samsung it is…now if newegg will get some in thatd be awesome…

I burn with ImgBurn, and it can do bitsetting for Samsung drives. Which is why I never bothered to patch mine.

I burn exclusively with imgburn. So I will look into the patch more later and see if i see a reason to use it or not.