Replacing Optical Drive

I have an HP DV4000 and recently my cat knocked my computer off the coffee table and broke my DVDRW The model number on that one is ND6500A I bought a new LightScribe DVD RW Model number GSA T20L. I am having trouble installing the new drive. When I physically install the drive and start my computer it will not start up. Once I take the drive out it runs again just fine. I need help to install the new drive and find the correct drivers for it so I can run my computer with the new drive.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

is this the only drive on the ide cable? and did you set the jumper on the back of the drive correct?

I am sorry I do not know what the ide Cable is. Also as for the Jumper It is a slim drive and it does not look like there is a jumper. I have never done any work on a notebook and Dont know what the hell I am doing. I just dont have to money to have anyone else fix it for me.

Oh its a notebook. Theres no ide cable then.


The problem with notebook drives is, they come preconfigured as master/slave/cable select/inverted cable select/whatever. This configuration is stored in the firmware. So you need either another firmware for your drive that meets your configuration demands or a piece of software that does this job.
Problem #1: It is hard to find such a firmware or software utility since there is no end-user support by the drive manufacturer. :frowning:
Problem #2: You can’t apply another firmware or software tool if the drive is not recognised properly. You’ll need an adapter that allows connecting this notebook drive to a desktop computer and convert the drive there.

Maybe returning the drive and getting one with “the other” configuration instead is the better option.


How do I find out what config I have and or need?

If your old drive is only mechanically damaged, reinstall it and check with device manager or Nero Infotool (ver 4.03 preferably).