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My wife was watching a very old family DVD the other day & found several spelling errors on menu. I assumed that this should be rather easy to correct using DVDReMake & other programs that I have. I copied the DVD to the hard drive & opened the Video_ts file & found that the menu in error was called VTS_01_0. Windows said that this is an MPEG2 file.

Using an authoring program , Sony DVD Architect, I created a new background which I imported into SONY Vegas. There I stretched the still to the same length as the music as was on the original & rendered the file out as MPEG2. I had supposed that the I could just replace the VTS-01_0 file with the new MPEG2 file that I had created after I had renamed the MPEG2 file to VTS_01_0. & keeping the MPEG2 files extension. Can I now use this file I have created be using to replace the offending file using DVDReMake or have I just been wasting my time? If it can’t be done this way how is it done?


You have 2 ways of doing this. One is to extract the menu background from DvdReMake, modify it in a photo editor correcting the spelling error, then save it as 24-bit BMP. Convert it to VOB using MuxMan. Then Replace with still within DvdReMake.

Two is to follow this guide: Replace it with your Sony Vegas output - make sure the output is in VOB format. In Step 3 of the guide, use the exact button command that is in the original menu.

The first option is easier, IMO, unless you want a new background.


The original menu page have several links on them. If I do this will the new menu page I create automatically pick up the location & links that were on the original page so that the DVD will operate as before? Could I include music on the new menu background or does this make this process too complicated?


It depends on what method you’re choosing to modify the menu as I described previously: 1 or 2?

For method 1, if all you do is modify the still menu background, you can correct the spelling errors by modifying the menu text in a photo editor. The button hotspots and links will still be there when you import it back.

For method 2, if you’re recreating a whole menu page with menu texts in different locations, you will need to recreate the button hotspots/rectangles enveloping the button highlights in Vegas. The links you can link to anywhere as you fix this when you import it back in DvdReMake. And yes, you can add in audio background. You will need to enable the audio in Audio Tracks pane.

Guide: Enabling Audio From Imported DVD Menu

The List of Useful Topics will give you more info, look in the last post.


I tried option 1 & used Muxman to create a new VOB file which I inserted OK into the DVD. Only after seeing the test DVD did I realize that the spelling error was also on a sub scene selection menu as well. I was ablt exper this background as well, altered it but for some reason I was unable to get it to replace the page I had exported. Perhaps this was because it was a sub menu or perhaps because the page also had a hidden file (easter egg) on with a link to nowhere. I’ll have another go at this later.


I checked again & found that the program had indeed accepted the replacement file. The problem is that muxman appears to have taken my BMP image & made it black. I’m still puzzeling over this since I can see in Photoshop that the picture that I has exported from VideoReMake & modified is indeed as I wanted it.


In Photoshop, you need to save as OS/2 24-bit BMP. You should see the background in the Data Pools when you import the MuxMan VOB file into ReMake.


That fixed it. I don’t know why but the first change had been done as 24 bit but not the second.

Just out of curiosity would it have been possible to replace the background & still have the old buttons work if the original buttons had been animated?


Yes. Since you’re replacing with a still background, the buttons won’t be animated.