Replacing Nvidia nForce 4 IDE drivers by MS XP?




some days ago I got my new ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe mainboard (nForce 4 chipset), but I `m not very happy with the IDE drivers of the nforce 4 when burning DVDs with my Benq 1620 (although I maybe need them for NV Raid)…

Is there any way to replace this IDE drivers by the IDE drivers of Windows XP without loosing the onchip Nvidia RAID controller ?




This is for Win2K but should apply to XP too. Click “Start > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers”. Right click on the “Nvidia Nforce Parallel ATA controller”, then click “Properties”. Click the “Driver” tab, then “Update driver”, “next”, select “display a list of known drivers”, and “next”. You should see 2 controllers, the Nforce and “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controller”. Select the “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE controller”, then click “next” to install the driver, then click “finish”. When you close the “properties” window it will ask if you want to reboot, click yes. Upon reboot the system will redetect your IDE devices and may ask to reboot again. When you are finished you will now have in the device manager “primary IDE channel”, “secondary IDE channel”, and “Standard dual channel IDE controller” along with the Nvidia nforce Serial ATA controller.

You must now enable DMA in the primary and secondary IDE channels by right clicking each, click “properties”, click the “advanced settings” tab, and select “DMA if available” for transfer mode, then click OK. You will again be asked to reboot click no after changing the primary and yes after you change the secondary channel. You should now have WIndows IDE controller installed with DMA on. Hope this helps with your burner.


Thank you krose,

it worked perfectly !
But now there are still two entries of the old Nvidia driver “CK804 ADMA Controller (v2.7)”
Can I delete this two entries without any risk or should I leave them there ?




Hmm, don’t understand that. Here is what I have in device manager. Are you showing these plus the “CK804 ADMA Controller (v2.7)”? Can you post a screenshot? I believe it is safe to remove them but I want to see exactly what you have so we don’t screw it up. What version of the nforce drivers are you using? Did they come with the motherboard?


Removed these entries and after this the system rebooted and was not able to enter XP again.
But I could restore the system by using an image file, which I had created before…
Doesn`t matter… MS ICE-drivers are running now !