Replacing my ole Litey 832S. Help please!

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Hi all

After a good couple of years of DVD burning servatude, my increasingly frequent coaster-producing Liteon 832S is about to be replaced.

Would anyone be able to advise me upon the next best drive to get ? Given that i still have around 100 Taiyo Yuden DVD+R disks which need good homes!

I’ve had a search around the Forums and have heard that the 1693-S might be the puppy to go for. I would prefer to retain a liteon as i like the functionality of Kprobe etc, however if there’s a good alternative i wouldnt write that off either

I would be much appreciative of any advice on which burner would be the best in this situation. MANY THANKS!


How does your 832S produce coasters? I once had a few 812/832/851S myself and they were all good for most disks I tried not only being able to do quality scanning. What the latest-generation 16x DVD burners offer in addition to what drives like 832S do are like 16x SL burning, 4-8x DL burning, 6-8x DVD_RW burning, etc. that have little do with coasters. I first received a LDW-401S sample unit about 25 months ago so it couldn’t have been too long since you got the 832S. What I mean is it’s still relatively new and should keep working just like new units. My suggestion is keep the 832S and add a 16x DVD burner that have more of what 832S doesn’t.

Ok, when i say coasters I mean that it’s producing inconsistent results. A number of DVD’s I have been burning just recently burn OK (thru Nero 6.6 and aspi 4.6) but when i play them my PC experiences real problems in reading from the disk. For example , right now i am trying to watch a burned DVD on my other PC …it started stuttering about 3/4 thru the movie and hasnt played a proper 10 seconds for the last 10 minutes. I’ve been getting this alot just lately. I thought it would be time to get a new one… ? Is there a recommended Liteon for Taiyo Yuden disks? Cheers for your reply.

If you don’t know the cause of the playback problems, replacing it isn’t likely to fix anything. Try PIE/PIF scanning and Transfer Rate tests on those disks.

Could be your PC reader. My 851->832S is going strong, but my 166S reader is flaking the hell out after only light use for a year. I’m kinda irked, but heck it’s only $20 to replace!