Replacing my 1200A with 3500A Questions

I’ve upgraded my 1200A to a 3500A (when it arrives…)

A few questions:

  1. Will I need to change any OS settings for XP Pro to recognise the change of drive? (I once had to reinstall Nero for it to recognise a new drive)

  2. The 1200A is currently Secondary Slave and I’ve never had any problems ripping or burning. Is there any benefit in moving it to Master?

  3. I mainly use DVDShrink to rip. I am unclear as to whether I really need AnyDVD or not. Will DVDShrink still rip a CSS disk if I uninstall AnyDVD?

  4. What version of reliable firmware should I be looking at to remove RPC, RIP Speed, and possibly overclocked burning on certain medias?

  5. Do I need to change the Burn speed in Nero or DVDShrink to get the most out of the new drive, or is Nero good at automatically determining the best speed?

Thanks for any advice, and perhaps suggestions of things I can do differently. As you can guess, I’m fairly new, and trying to do this without having to buy licensed s/w (except Nero of course)


Hi. Although your questions can be solved by using the search button i’ll tell ya :slight_smile:

  1. If your Nero is a NEC Bundled Version then probably it will also recognize your 3500. But you have to download the latest Update to support the drive properly

  2. You can use this setting for the 3500 too. I have the same Situation, Master is my Toshiba SD-M1612 DVD-ROM. I have no Problems at all. Speed is very good.

  3. I am Using DVD-Shrink together with DVDDecrypter for Backing up my Originals. This is the perfect Combination i think.

  4. Just use Herries 2.17 Firmware. There are some Betas from Liggy around, but Herries will work for now. I use it without any problems

  5. If you are using high quality Media like Verbatim then you can burn in full speed.


Many thanks for the prompt response. Apologies for not making full use of the search button, but I have tried, but alas - failed.

Which speed Verbatim disks do you use? I can’t seem to find any UK suppliers of anything above 8x.

Rambaud put a link to a UK supplier of x16 DVD’s in this thread…


I would keep the AnyDVD - since it works in the background and decrypter takes a lot of time to clear a disc-

With XP - your drive should be recognized as soon as you boot up (IF ya’ set the jumpers correctly)-

Herries 2.17 works very well (thanks again Herrie)-

Most of all - use good media-

Happy Burnin’