Replacing menus including bg music?

Using the how to guide, I was trying to see if you could replace a menu (static image) with one with bg music from a dummy DVD (it also had motion).

The menus replaced, and the motion and buttons and everything worked, but the back ground music didn’t come over.

There was an error when I tried it, but I, being the dummy that I am, forgot to jot down the error before clearing the screen.

Is what I’m trying an even possible thing to do?

After replacing, you need to add audio track info and enable it. Go to dummy DVD, Menus domain, Audio Tracks pane, highlight the audio track and select “Copy tracks info”. Then go over to the project where you just replace with the motion menu, Menus domain, Audio Tracks pane, and “Paste tracks info”. Now go to the menu PGC level, Audio Tracks pane, double click on Track 0 and enable it. You should be able to hear sound when playing in the Preview window.

Don’t worry about the error, it’s a warning that different streams have been detected when you’re replacing the block due to added audio stream.

Thanks! Looks like it worked… The preview had no sound, but a test dvd export did.

from this link, though it looks like it’s just that the program doesn’t play the audio type.

It plays the audio, but you must select the track.