Replacing loader in LVD-2001 with 16P9S?


My LVD-2001 with a LTD-166 DVD-ROM loader works fairly well, but sometimes can’t navigate DVD+R Dual Layer discs I make on the PC. I bought a LiteOn 16P9S for a possible replacement.

My questions are:

  1. Shouldn’t this thing fit in my LVD-2001 without any major modifications?

  2. My LVD-2001 is set up with the region free code. Should I hook up the 16P9S to my PC and download the region-free firmware first?

Thanks in advance,

BeatCrazy - Give it a shot I can’t say for sure if it will fit but it’s worth a shot.
First I would just hook up the 16P9S on the outside of the 2001 with the IDE cable and power cord, if it works then try the fit. I would make the 16P9S region free first then stick it in

Slightly different, but you might check here:

Thanks for the comments guys.

Well the 16P9S arrived today and I did what jm1647 suggested, hooking it up ‘outside’ the player. Worked good! Unfortunately, it still didn’t play some of my burned DVD+R DualLayer discs that the old LiteOn loader was having trouble playing :frowning:

So, I moved the 16P9S into my PC and it does properly play the DVD+R DL disc! My stand alone Denon DVD player plays it as well. The only thing I can figure out is that the LVD-2001’s firmware (latest at v302) for some reason cannot navigate a few of my DVD+R DL’s. I use PowerDVD5 in the PC to playback discs.

Sigh… oh well, only out $22. I suppose I’ll keep it in my PC for now strictly for ripping purposes. It is replacing a functioning Pioneer DVD-ROM drive from 5 years ago that has served me well.

@BeatCrazy - sorry to hear the 16P9S did not work out hooked up to the 2001. It is weird that it’ll play them DVD’s in the PC.

Anyway, the 16P9S is a great ripper in the PC.

Just in case it wasn’t mentioned before, make sure you get your firmware fixed here:

Well, techinically it ‘worked’ in the LVD-2001, but just wouldn’t read my funky DL discs like it shoulda. Probably would need to blame the LVD-2001’s firmware. But yes, it has found a nice home in my PC :wink:

Thanks for the reminder. I went there and got the firmare, used the patcher to install. I just used a guess on how fast I wanted each type of disc to be ripped. Can you give me any tips? I only chose 16X for pressed DVD5’s. Everything else is between 10X and 14X. I don’t wanna encounter too many errors. Can you give me safe values to plug into the patcher for this particular drive?

Hey Beat,

Did you ever try putting the drive in the LVD-2001 unit? I’m just wondering what if the drive fit.

I need to replace my loader in my LVD-2001 and want to know what I can replace it with that won’t require me to do any kind of real surgery. :slight_smile:

Thanks for any feedback.

I believe the very first batch of 2001’s used a pc 166 drive, the later ones used a loader type drive like most dvd player use. The kind where the chassis and everything is just open and mounted inside rather then in a metal case like a pc dvd rom but it’s obviously still a IDE drive. My unit uses the loader, I was hoping for a pc drive so it would be easy to upgrade/fix later in its life if I wanted too. Many of the cheap chinese wonder players use a pc drive, the old apex that started it all did, my Cyberhome ch500 did, and my Haier ad700 does too.
I think they may have gotten complaints about the rattle when it started up plus maybe their loader was a cheaper way to the same end, killing two problems at once.

First time that I have read anywhere of someone upgrading their drive in their LVD-2001. Happy to here it since it was one of my reasons for originally going out of my way to get one. :slight_smile: I would definitly get something cheaper now…but ~2 years ago choices with MPEG4 players was slim.