Replacing HDRW 720, Can HDD be saved?



My player will no longer boot and it is out of warranty so I am being forced to purchase a new one. I am using this as an opportunity to get more recent technology,i.e. High Def Up Conversion!!! so I am not too terribly disappointed. She had a good life… :clap: But I do have several unwatched shows on the HDD that I don’t have archived. :sad: Is it possible to simply connect the HDD via a USB2 to IDE connector and copy the shows to my laptop for viewing there? Any help would be much appreciated!!! :bow:


Unfortunately the format of the HDRW720 HDD is a Philips proprietary one, and as far as I know, no-one has yet managed to analyse where the file allocation tables are, nor the data. Probably your shows are lost… :frowning: