Replacing DVD-ROM, need a solid ripper

Don’t really care about much else. I have heard that the Aopen 1648 is a champ but it seems to be difficult to find here in the US as of late. I did find the 1648L at Tigerdirect, will that do?

@ Jesterrace,

The Lite-On SOHD-16P9S DVD-ROM is readily availeable and is noted as an excellent reader/ripper.

NewEgg has them in stock.

Also the CodeGuys have some modified enhanced firmware available for the Lite-On SOHD-16P9S DVD-ROM.

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If you can get it, the 1648 AAP Pro is a really good choice. Have one myself and it’s awesome…!

Many users complain a freezing problem with this drive

Aopen 1648 $30.99

Not sure of the site. Hope that helps.

edit* just noticed it was discontinued :doh:

There are two at ebay.

One of them is $29.95 + Shipping and Handling to Continental USA is $12.99.

[size=5][color=#990000]BRAND NEW[/size][/color]

[font=Arial][font=Verdana][b][size=3]Manufacturer Model #: 91.4ED37.402
Item #: AO33205D

[/b]Read Speed: 48X CD-ROM, 16X DVD-ROM
Interface: E-IDE / ATAPI
Buffer: 512KB
Data Transfer Rate: CD-ROM: 48X MTRP 7200 KB/s; DVD-ROM: 16X MTRP
21632 KB/s
Features: Audio Digital output (SPDIF) supported. Vertically and Horizontally Use.
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
Packaging: OEM (see pics for details)[/size][/font][/font]


Part #


Read Speed


Buffer Size




Data Transfer Rate

CD-ROM: 48X MTRP 7200 KB/s; DVD-ROM: 16X MTRP 21632 KB/s


Audio Digital output (SPDIF) supported. Vertically and Horizontally Use.

Manufacturer Warranty

1 year

for 40$ the nec 3540/20 with hacked firmware is the best/fastest ripper I have ever tested, and you get the dvd burner to boot.
I don’t even waste money on combo drives anymore, a cd burner or dvd-rom is
not even considered.

I am really warry of Lite-On drives. My previous DVD-ROM that went belly up very early in the game (after 15 months of use) was a Lite-On and it was a complete POS. The other concern that I have is that while Lite-Ons are fast readers they are supposed to have quite a bit of jitter in the read process. So I would really prefer another option. My question still stands, is the 1648L as good as the regular 1648 that everyone seems to recommend around here. I wouldn’t mind the 3540A with the hacked firmware as a ripper but I have also had a previous DVD Burner with hacked firmware go belly up on me since I was using it to rip all of the time.

For a long rip(slowed by transcoding compression) I use my combo drive,
for problematic disks(scratched) I use my riplocked LG burner.
The 3540 when I am in a hurry.

Yeah, I transcode alot. I don’t have the option of using multiple drives for ripping.

So no info on the 1648L? EDIT Nevermind, I went ahead and ordered the thing. It seems to rip just a hair faster than the Lite-On anyways. 22160 vs. 21600. Shipping from Tigerdirect was rediculous ($9USD for ground) but I don’t care as long as the drive is as solid as many people claim the 1648 is.